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Early College Academy


Our students graduate with a career plan that includes the right post-secondary education or training option for the profession of their choice

At Dearborn STEM Academy, students participate in an integrated set of college and career exposure experiences designed to build their knowledge of and access to a variety of post-secondary STEM pathways.

All students visit colleges and have the opportunity to attend university-based academic enrichment programs.  In junior and senior year, students can enroll in college courses at local universities and work with our staff and partners to secure a STEM-related summer internship.

Student Testimonial


Dearborn Early College Kick-off

Are you the family of a current Dearborn 7th or 8th grader?

Do you want your student to earn a free Associate’s degree from 

Franklin Cummings Tech at the time of their high school graduation?

Students who earn an Associates degree by the time of their high school graduation save on up to 2 years of college tuition – the equivalent or $30,000 at a public college and often more than $100,000 at a private institution!

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