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Our Team

At Dearborn STEM Academy our dedicated team of educators have an unwavering dedication to students, which is the driving force behind their tireless commitment to fostering growth, learning, and well-being.


Our school staff is a cohesive team of dedicated individuals, each contributing their unique talents and expertise to create an enriching educational environment. Led by our Head of School Darlene Marcano, they are united by a common goal: empower every student to reach their full potential. With diverse backgrounds, our staff includes passionate teachers, caring counselors, diligent administrators, and committed support personnel.

Their collective efforts ensure a safe, nurturing, and stimulating atmosphere in which students can thrive. Together, they make our school a place where education, character development, and student well-being are at the heart of everything they do.


Head of School


School Partners

Custodial Staff

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Tom Crowley

Senior Day Custodian


Justin Santos

Senior Night Custodian

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